Friday, 11 February 2011

Guess who bought some new shoes in the Kurt Geiger sale? ;D.
From £150 to £69. ;D. YES GEE. :P. Oh my, it was such a beautiful experience to buy these babies. >.<.

From £110 to £59.


K. Babes. ^.^.

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Sunday, 3 October 2010

New style crush. :O !

Yes ! I have a new style crush ! <3
I must admit, I haven't been watching the X-factor this year, however, this afternoon I watched episode nine. You know the judges houses one? Well, yeah, I was watching that and came across a young lady who's style I think is absolutely marvy. :} . I couldn't find very good pictures of this outfit so so apologies on the quality.
Those eyelashes are amazing, and I love her hair too. :}.

Love her take on monochrome. :).

She looks really oldy worldy glamorous with a modern edge. :D

L.O.V.E the mini sunberella.

 Ahhh, love it. :'). But, Katie Waissel wasn't the only style crush I got this morning. ^.^
The girl band Belle Amie has got Styleeeee ! I especially love Sophia Wardman's forties inspired outfit. (the one on the right in the first picture. :} .) And ofc I love Esther Campbell's red topshop shorts :') .
I do love a good dungaree, although I'm past my dungaree phase (just). ;D.
^.^ .
Okay Girls, you've had your style fix for today, I'm outyyy.
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Monday, 13 September 2010

College Jackets. ^.^

So, I've been lusting over these 'college jackets' as i have decided to name them. I have decided they are beautiful :') . And, they should be a staple item for you this season... so girls.. buy, buy, buy !!!! :D . Here are the ones I have found online from River Island, H&M, Topshop... I personally love the burgundy and buttercup yellow one. :P .
And Then I found these adorable cardigan ones in River Island...
Love the Americana... :') .
Wear these lovelies with skinnies or some shorts.

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Saturday, 11 September 2010

New Look. A/W.

In my Look Magazine this week drops out a new look magazine. I look through it and immediately fall in love. This is the perfect style this season, I love it and will wear it . :D . I want:
- White knitted holey tights, 
-The brown, heeled, sheep trimmed boots,
- A mustard coat with a brown belt (but I couldn't get the picture, must not be out quite yet)...
-And I already have a tartan skirt :} .

Love the snood and 'cropped ladder jumper' too :D .
Oooh, I also love this look for autumn... I got the picture off my friend Molly's tumblr...

After recently cutting my hair, I decided I need to buy some hats. :) .

I found this coat, part of A wear's new sixties inspired collection ,and I loved it. <3333.
Can't wait for my next shopping excursion... muahahahahahaaaa...

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


So, this Autumn I'm seeing lots of fur coats emerging !
I first noticed this when I was watching the music channel and saw Emma Watson wearing one in a one night only video...

So, after seeing this video, I noticed the trend seeping into the highstreet.
Amoungst my favourites were A cream one in Topshop (the one in the picture is the same just at a different colour), and a brown one in River Island.
However I didn't like the feather one from New Look ...

Thought £95 was a bit steep ....   And I can't even afford £79.99 ...
I couldn't find the feather coat in new Look on the internet...

But it's not just fur coats that are the trend it's just big on top.
Check out this cardigan in River Island ...

This is definatley top of my wish list at the moment. But at £49.99 I might need to save up for a while... This picture really doesn't do it justice, in real life it's like a pink magpie nest.. pearls and diamante's hidden amongst the light coloured loops.

So, look out for peices for the 'big on top' trend.

I went to town yesterday, and only bought one thing for myself !!!

It was a great buy though ... a £3 purse from Primark. Which looks way more expensive than it is !

I was debating between this one and the one I bought, but I bought this one for my best friend Johanna for her birthday (don't worry, I bought her some other lovely things too!) and kept the other one for myself...

So that's all for now.

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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Just a quickie.

Just bought myself a new bag yesterday... sale buy ;) .
French connection - £50 down to £24. Less than half price. ;DDDD .
Although... I just found it online for £10 D': .
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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Successful day in town :'D .

So today, I went into town with Liblibs. We went for a bit of shoe shopping and you know, the usual bits and pieces. So, we went in a few shops, looking for some of those "worker" type boots. And, under the recommendation of Miss Ellie Burgess, we went into the Guild Hall centre and found the shop in there, Varani's. Usually me and Libby wouldn't be caught dead in a shop like this, with chavvy music blasting and the tacky shoe fetish. However, seeing the proof of Ellie's amazingly beautiful boots it compelled us to go in. And, as promised, we found a whole rack of these "worker" boots. Libby found some with buckles on the back in the sale, in her size, for £20. She was chuffed, however, there wasn't enough money for the Starbucks she always has enough money for. That was strange for the poor little rich kid ;) . So, anyways, I found some for £25 in khaki ^.^ . I love them :D . So, us being chuffed with the boots, we wondered into Topshop. And, ofc, we looked in the sale :P . So. We checked out the jeans, and i wanted some awesome stripey ones that I'd tried on a few weeks before, but hadn't fit. However, there weren't any. :/ . But... There were some spotty ones :) . And some with cute little strawberries on ^.^ . So i tried them on, thinking they wouldn't fit, but, they did :D . So, rang up mother dearest, considering I need some new jeans, so she came and i said which ones can I have, and she says both ! After paying for the boots as well ?! Goodlord. So, you can imagine my surprise and happiness :'D . So whilst Mum went to the curtain shop we went into Primark because i needed some pumps. So, the pumps were only £1 ! :O . And they went with the jeans ! :O :') .  so yeah. But I bought some grey ones too for £2 ;) . And then a bag too, that didn't look Primark and it was only £6 :D . Sooo, Here's some pictures for yaaa :P .
 Not quite the same... on mine the colour's better.

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